Above and Beyond’s highly qualified, diverse, and passionate instructors are our greatest strength. Our instructors take great pride in ensuring your personal success as an aviator. Whether it’s your first Discovery Flight or you’re adding additional ratings to your pilot’s license, our experienced instructors craft a training program that suits your individual goals and thoroughly prepares you for your FAA practical exam. You receive individual, one-on-one attention to ensure that you are meeting your aviation objectives. Our unique training method saves you money by focusing on you, your individual learning style and getting the most out of every flight hour!


Flight Instructor Bios

George Farris

About George

More than the owner of Above & Beyond George is one of our most active instructors. George has been flying almost daily for the last twenty years. He has over 10,000 total flight time and 8,000 hours of dual instruction. He has his CFII and has taught the UT ground school for the past ten years.





Phone: (512) 415-2466



John Prickett

About John

John is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor who has been flying since 1977, and instructing since 1985. John holds Commercial and Instructor certificates for Airplane Single and Multi Engine Land, and Instrument Airplane, as well as an Advanced Ground Instructor certificate. He is a member of the FAAST (FAA Safety) Team, and is building an RV7-A in his garage. In addition to his flying activities, John plays in the Hill Country Community Band and teaches Sunday School in his church.




Lester Dominguez

Lester Dominquez, CFI

About Lester

Lester began flying in 1967 and attended the Central Texas College Aviation program receiving his commercial certificate in 1970.

After taking a 10 year break from aviation to start a family and work a traditional job he returned and earned his CFI, CFII, multi-engine and ATP certificate. He began flying in corporate and charter aviation as a contract pilot. He has a King Air 300 type rating and SIC sign offs for Citation Jet, Citation II and V.

When not flying Lester enjoys playing Trumpet in the Nash Hernandez Orchestra a well known Austin twelve piece big band.

With his years of instruction and corporate flying experience, Lester works to give his students more than the “minimum”, imparting knowledge that sometimes gets lost over time.


Don Lampton

About Don

Don has been flying for 37 years. He has been an active Flight Instructor for 27 of those years with a Total Flight Time of 4500 Hours. Certified in both Single and Multi-Engine Airplanes with an Airline Transport License, Don is authorized to teach from the Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument, Commercial, Certified Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine, as well as Airline Transport Pilot. Don is experienced in over 37 different makes and models of aircraft and is an experienced King Air Pilot. As a former Band Director with emphasis on Low Brass and a Specialty on Trombone, Don teaches Private Band Lessons in Round Rock ISD when he is not Flight Instructing. Teaching has been Don’s lifelong passion.




Mike Roche

About Mike

While attending Embry Riddle University, earning a BS in Aeronautics, Mike worked as a flight instructor. He continued to teach flying in order to build hours, but was impatient and joined the Air Force. In 1976 he earned his wings and was assigned to Sheppard AFB, as a First Assignment Instructor Pilot, teaching international students. Recognized for his superior flying and teaching abilities, Mike was quickly promoted to Flight Examiner; giving Instructor Pilots their check rides. He went on to fly Fighters, earning the title of Fighter Instructor Pilot in each jet; A10 Warthog, F-5E Tiger and F-16 Viper. He continued his formal education earning an MBA, then continued post-graduate studies at Texas A&M in Education and USC in Aircraft Mishap Analysis.

Mike is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor. He has approximately 7100 flight hours and 4600 hours as an instructor. His ratings include CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP (B737), TW, AGI and IGI. Mike welcomes the opportunity to teach the joy of flying and perfecting your pilot skills. “I enjoy being with the Above & Beyond Team and look forward to flying with you!”



David Aldridge

About David

David has taught flight instruction since 2003, as a CFI and CFII. He also holds AGI and IGI ratings, and recently began exploring the world of drones with the RPC certificate. His 11,000+ hours were earned in Cessnas, Pipers and Cirrus aircraft, during which time he taught Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI and CFII candidates.

He also logged a fair amount of time teaching in simulators (Redbid FMX) and has conducted ground seminars on a variety of topics. When he’s not flying, David enjoys playing music (multi-instrumentalist), writing fiction and non-fiction, and exploring the Texas hill country.



Mark Lush

About Mark

Mark began his aviation career in 1998 by attending the aviation program at Rancho High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. He continued to gain flight experience through flying skydivers, traffic-watch, and instructing.

Now a Product Analyst at ForeFlight, Mark brings a wealth of other aviation industry experience – working for airlines, airports, insurance agencies, and owning a pilot supplies business. He enjoys instructing to share the joy of aviation with new pilots.






Lada Cisar

About Lada

Lada’s aviation career began 8 years ago after his graduation from the Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic where he grew up. He graduated with Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and realized he would rather spend his life in a cockpit of an airplane than a cubicle. His aviation experience includes flying in Europe, Nevada, the Midwest, and of course Texas. Lada is a patient, thorough, and knowledgeable instructor who loves to share aviation concepts and discuss aviation experiences.

When not flying Lada enjoys spending time with his family, biking, taking his dog on hikes, and exploring the city of Austin.







Barb MacLeod

About Barb

Barb has been teaching people to fly since 1998, with some 8500 flight hours of instruction given and forty-plus candidates signed off for the Private Pilot Practical Test. She most enjoys teaching beginners, but additionally specializes in spin training and the CFI spin endorsement. She co-instructs the Private Pilot ground school class offered by UT Informal Classes. She has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin, and when she is not flying, she does research on the frontier of ancient Maya hieroglyphic decipherment. She has lived and traveled extensively in Mexico and Central America as an archaeologist, linguist and speleologist.