Aircraft Rental Agreement

Above & Beyond Aviation LLC Rental Agreement

  • Regulations

All renter pilots agree to abide by all Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and to remain current and proficient in the types of aircraft for which they are qualified to rent.

  • Aircraft Checkout

Only those aircraft in which the renter has successfully completed a check ride given by an Above and Beyond Aviation instructor may be flown solo. The renter must complete a check ride in each make and model of the aircraft flown. The renter must also meet the minimum qualifications for the aircraft flown. The completion of this checkout will be indicated by entries made by the instructor in the renter’s logbook. It is the renter pilot’s responsibility to keep his or her records on updated with current information regarding their address, phone numbers, drivers license number, passport number, and credit card number.

  • Responsibility

All renter pilots are advised to obtain renter insurance through a reputable company. Should any aircraft damage occur as the result of its use by the renter the renter will be liable for the repairs of the damage. There shall be no exceptions made to this renter responsibility. Renter pilot may also be responsible for loss of use of the aircraft. In the event that our insurance does not cover aircraft damage, the renter will be required to cover cost of damages.

  • Minimum Hours

No renter pilot shall take an aircraft out for any period of eight hours or more without agreeing to pay for a minimum of two hours per day rental on weekdays or three hours per day on weekends or holidays. This is to prevent the aircraft being used for short flights that total less flight time than the Above & Beyond Aviation minimums but result in the aircraft being unavailable to other renters, however, exceptions may be made with written approval by Above & Beyond Aviation. Above & Beyond Aviation will try to accommodate your needs while being fair to all renters.

  • Flight Conditions

Night Flights: Unless the renter pilot completes a night check ride with an Above & Beyond Aviation instructor, the renter may schedule for daylight flights only. The exceptions to this policy are instrument rated pilots and those having logged a minimum of 10 hours night flight and who are night current. Students of Above & Beyond Aviation who have been given night instruction as part of their training and now hold a Private Pilot’s license may also schedule aircraft for night flight.

  1. Mountain Flights: Mountain flight is prohibited unless a renter
    pilot has completed a mountain flight training program .
  2. IFR: No flights in IMC without a current instrument rating.
  3. Aerobatics: Aerobatics are prohibited in Above & Beyond Aviation aircraft, unless under the direct supervision of a flight instructor, and for flight training purposes.
  • Aircraft Care

Renter pilots agree to maintain engine oil levels as prescribed by the manufacture and to return the aircraft in clean condition. If, as the result of the renter’s usage, the aircraft interior becomes soiled or damaged in any way, it will be the renter’s responsibility to pay for the required cleaning and/or repairs. Renter agrees to always tie the aircraft down securely. Renter also agrees to fill out the Dispatch sheet neatly and accurately, thereby avoiding incorrect charges.

  • Squawks

Renter pilots shall report any damage or problems with the aircraft observed during the preflight, so as not to be held liable for the problem. Discrepancies occurring during the flight shall be reported to Above & Beyond Aviation, George Farris 512 415 2466, after each flight and written in the appropriate section on the forms provided. Pilots will be responsible for any damage previously done to the aircraft if they do not report said damage to Above & Beyond Aviation before they fly. Any damage incurred whether minor or substantial should be reported immediately to Above & Beyond Aviation personnel.

  • Approved Airports

The renter agrees to land only at paved, public airports except in the event of an emergency. Exceptions may be made by written agreement with Above & Beyond Aviation.

  • Off-field Maintenance and Expenses

In the event of aircraft maintenance being required while at an airport other than Above and Beyond Aviation, the renter pilot agrees not to tamper with any part of the aircraft, but to call Above & Beyond Aviation, for further instructions. Off field fuel and oil will be reimbursed. There will be no reimbursement for tie down or hangar expense. Receipts must be left with the Hobbs notebook.

  • Rental Time

Rental charges will ordinarily be based upon the Hobbs meter indicated times. If the next number is visible in the Hobbs meter window, that number will be used. If the Hobbs meter is inoperative, use tach time multiplied by 1.2 for local flights or 1.1 for cross-country flights

  • Schedule Cancellations

Scheduling problems are inevitable. Prompt notification, however, by either the rental pilot or by Above & Beyond Aviation that the flight will not be conducted as previously scheduled will reduce the inconvenience associated with last minute cancellations. Please cancel at least 2 hours before scheduled flight time.

  • After-Hours Flights

Renters should arrange to pick up keys at Atlantic Aviation’s front desk. Renters are responsible for signing out the keys and returning the keys. There will be a $10 charge for lost keys.

  • Student Pilot Rules

Student pilots may only fly under the direct supervision of a CFI present at the airport. Student pilots must file an FAA flight plan for each leg of solo cross-country flights.

  • Rental by Flight Instructors

CFIs acknowledge that rental of aircraft is for personal use only. Commercial or instruction outside of Above & Beyond Aviation is not permitted.

  • Financial Responsibility

The renter/student agrees to maintain a zero account balance or a positive balance with Above & Beyond Aviation. Block accounts are initiated by depositing a minimum of $500 and maintained by adding $500 once the account balance nears zero.

Block accounts are non-refundable.

Pilots flying without a block account are charged an additional $10 per hour flight time. Aircraft rental, flight instruction, supplies and other goods and services offered by Above & Beyond Aviation are to be paid for at the time of the transaction. If a negative account balance is not paid off in full within 30 days, a finance charge of 1.5% per month (effective annual rate 19.61%) will be applied to the customer’s account.


Thank you for flying with Above & Beyond Aviation LLC