Texas Airport Hopping

Our Mission: Land at every public airport in Texas

My flying buddy Mike and I headed out west. We were originally going to head east around the Houston area but the demonic looking wall of black to our east convinced us otherwise. It was bumpy to start so we attempted to climb above the clouds for a smoother, cooler ride but finally gave up at 10,500 and headed back down. Our plan was to try to make it all the way out to Sweetwater but later we realized that was going to have us home around midnight. We decided to cut the flight short and landed at Menard T50. Not much to see at Menard. Then on to Eldorado 27R where I started talking like a cowboy out of an old John Wayne movie. We stopped for very inexpensive fuel $3.40. There we made the decision to divert to Brady. We landed at Brady and had a conversation with the lineman about the status of their airport and promising to come back for their pancake breakfast. We borrowed their courtesy vehicle and headed to the local salad joint(wink, wink). Fully fortified we made a beeline back to Austin touching down at sunset. Fun flying!image

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