2000 Cessna 172R - N652MA

Description: One of the most popular training aircraft of all time, almost every pilot has logged time in a Cessna 172. The “R” model adds updated features to the trainer including increased fuel capacity, IFR certified GPS, an autopilot and more comfortable seating. N652MA is a good looking, solid aircraft that is comfortable to fly for experienced pilots shooting approaches or beginning students making their first cross-wind landing. N652MA is now equipped with a Garmin 430W and Garmin ADS-B. GPS is kept up to date for instrument training.


Speed: 123 Knots (Sea Level, 80%)
Cruise Endurance:
Range: 687 NM / Time: 6.6 HRS (60%, 10,000 Feet)
Range: 580 NM / Time: 4.8 HRS (80%, 10,000 Feet)
Rate of Climb at Sea Level: 720 FPM
Service Ceiling: 13,500 Feet
Takeoff Performance: 945 Feet (Ground Roll)
1685 Feet (Total Over 50 Foot Obstacle)
Landing Performance: 550 Feet (Ground Roll)
1295 Feet (Total Over 50 Foot Obstacle)
Stall Speed (KCAS): 51 Knots (Flaps Up, Power Off)
47 Knots (Flaps Down, Power Off)
Standard Empty Weight: 1699 Pounds
Maximum Useful Load: 758 Pounds (Normal Category)
468 Pounds (Utility Category)
Fuel Capacity: 56.0 Gallons (Total)
53.0 Gallons (Usable)
28.0 Gallons (Total Each Tank)
26.5 Gallons (Usable Each Tank)
Oil Capacity: 8 Quarts (Sump)
9 Quarts (Total)
Engine: Textron Lycoming IO-360-L2A / 160 BHP at 2400 RPM
Propeller: 75 Inch (diameter) / Fixed Pitch

Not for flight planning, consult POH for complete flight planning information.