Cessna Pilot Center

Cessna Private Pilot Kit:

We are a Cessna Pilot Center and provide you with Cessna’s online ground knowledge and flight training package. It is recommended that you start working at home with your ground package as soon as possible.

The Kit retails for $364, but we are offering it at cost of $250. We also will give you a $200 credit at the end of your training for your first flight as a private pilot (see requirements below)! We simply invoice your Flight Schedule Pro account.

You can pick up your Cessna Kit at your first lesson. Or, if you’d like to schedule a Kit pick up at one of our offices, please let me know.

Your Private Pilot Kit includes:

1. Enrollment Key to the ground and flight online course, FREE lifetime updates
2. Premium Cessna Pilot Center flight bag
3. Cessna Pilot Logbook
4. Cessna E6B flight computer and plotter
5. Garmin Pilot Premium US edition – 1 year subscription (a $149.99 value!)
6. Online access to an extensive digital library-FAA Handbooks, FAR/AIM, Cessna Pilot Information Manuals (PIMs) and much more…
7. Comprehensive flight and ground training syllabus
8. Solo and Graduation certificate

Reimbursement Program Requirements:

-Student passes their ground school test with a minimum grade of 80. This happens later in your training, no rush to do this before starting

-Student does all the required flying and any additional ground for the private pilot in our aircraft with our instructors at Above & Beyond Aviation

-Student passes check ride in 2 years or less

-When the above criteria are met then the student will be credited to $200 to their flight account for use on your first private pilot rental

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