1969 Cessna 182M - N71099

Description: Popular IFR cross country aircraft with 230 horsepower 0-470S high performance engine. Features a large cabin with comfortable interior. New cabin soundproofing and LED landing light and beacon. Garmin 530Wass nav/com
(Located at EDC)

Prerequisites to fly the 182 as PIC: (1) 100 hours PIC time, (2)either 25 hours PIC time in Cessna high-wing models or 10 hours PIC time in Cessna 182 models, (3) high-performance airplane endorsement, and (4) Above and Beyond Aviation Cessna 182 check-out.


  • Garmin 530WASS nav/com
  • Digital TKM number two nav/com
  • Uavionic tail beacon ADS-B out